Call for Proposals – Interdisciplinary Cranberry Research Fall 2009

The Department of Horticulture is pleased to facilitate an opportunity for interdepartmental, interdisciplinary research on cranberries. The amount of funding available is $60,000, made possible by funds from the Gottschalk Chair for Cranberry Research Fund through the Department of Horticulture with matching funds from a gift by Ocean Spray Inc. Grant proposals may be for a period of 1 to 2 years. The majority of the funding should be applied towards graduate student support, although other uses may be appropriate depending on justification.

Successful grant proposals will include collaboration with the current Gottschalk Family Chair for Cranberry Research (Jed Colquhoun), including co-authorship on publications, unless refused by the Gottschalk Chair. Proposals should include a summary (no more than ½ page), justification/rationale describing the problem and how the research will aim at resolving the problem (1 page maximum), methodology to be employed (5 page maximum), a timeline (1 page maximum), a budget with major categories identified, and a cv of each investigator on the proposal (2 page maximum).

Research areas of interest should include one or more of the following:

• Production issues: weed, pathogen, or insect control, or mineral nutrition. Diseases of particular interest include fruit rot/vegetation (e.g., early rot and red spot).

• Pathogen control and screening for pathogen presence on vines (for sale and propagation).

• Low-input (low cost) renovation strategies (old vine removal and “low till” options).

• Plug planting technologies and other new planting techniques to reduce propagule need.

• Best Management Practices (BMPs) for new bed/renovated bed establishment (nutrition, irrigation, and pest control).

• Research on practical methods for assessing genetic purity of cranberry beds and the need for such testing.

• Optimization of nutritional requirements for new varieties.

• Understanding of bed-to-bed and farm-to-farm variation in management needs (probably centers on soil variation, microclimate, and bed age).

• Management alternatives to sanding (pruning techniques and nutrient management).

• Farm sustainability – optimizing inputs and research on management impacts for long-term production.

• Soil moisture, water use and conservation, and its impact on plant yield.

This RFP shall be made available to all CALS departments and will be sent by the Horticulture Dept to Department Chairs and to eCALS at or around Oct. 15. Proposals should be prepared using 12 pt font with ½ to 1 inch margins. Proposals are due Dec. 1 to:

Interdisciplinary Cranberry Research Committee
c/o Professor Brian S. Yandell
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Department of Horticulture
1575 Linden Drive
Madison, WI 53706

Awards will be announced by Dec. 20. Award period will run from 1 May through 30 April, or a similar annual period as appropriate to the project. The PI will be responsible for providing a 2 page summary and brief presentation to the committee by the end of the award year. This presentation shall be given to the annual cranberry industry meeting in January and at a suitable campus seminar venue.

Committee Members
Brian S. Yandell (Chair)
Andrew F. Bent
Eileen M. Cullen
Franco X. Milani
John Stier (ex officio)
Jed Colquhoun (ex officio)
Tom Lochner (ex officio)
Rod Seres (ex officio)