Wanted: Your views on proposals for changing how we structure research and grad education

The UW-Madison is currently taking a hard look at how research and graduate education is structured and administered. Proposals for some significant changes are on the table, and all members of the campus community are strongly encouraged to weigh in.

There are several ways to learn about these proposals and to offer your comments.

One town meeting has taken place (watch it on video) and three more are scheduled:

  • Wednesday, Sept. 30
    4-5 p.m., 180 Science Hall
  • Thursday, Oct. 1
    4-5 p.m., 1345 Health Sciences Learning Center
  • Wednesday, Oct. 14
    Noon-1 p.m., Ebling Center, First Floor, Microbial Sciences Building

Download a PDF – Organizing for Success: Research and Graduate Education

This and more information is available at: