Russell Groves, Daniel Kleinman and Jack Kloppenburg are interim co-directors of CIAS

Three CALS professors have accepted Dean Molly Jahn’s invitation to act as Interim Co-Directors of the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems (CIAS).

Russell Groves of the Department of Entomology and Daniel Kleinman and Jack Kloppenburg, both of the Department of Community and Environmental Sociology, will provide leadership of CIAS pending completion of a re-visioning process for sustainable agriculture units in CALS.

“We couldn’t ask for three professors more committed to the success of CIAS and its missions,” says Jahn. “I am really pleased that they’ve stepped forward during this important transition.”

CIAS was created within CALS in 1989 to build UW-Madison sustainable agriculture programs that respond to farmer and citizen needs.

Six months ago Dean Jahn asked three CALS faculty members — Jed Colquhoun, Randy Jackson and Jack Kloppenburg — to gather ideas and opinions from faculty, staff and community members about how the college addresses teaching, instruction and outreach related to sustainable agriculture. More information about that process and a link to the report it generated are available in an earlier eCALS article, Report maps course for CALS sustainable ag work.