Her major helps her prepare for a competitive economy, LSC student tells CNN

Life Sciences Communication major Katie Dogs was among a number of UW-Madison students who participated in the CNN Express town hall forum in the Grainger Hall courtyard Sept. 3. Chief business correspondent Ali Velshi asked students to comment about the state of the American economy.

“They started out asking about health care then went into the economy and how school was or wasn’t preparing us to get a job after graduation. I was only able to speak once — business students do like to talk! I responded to the question ‘How does your major prepare you to be competitive in this economy?’ I talked about Life Sciences Communications and how it combines science, writing and business,” said Dogs, who is also president of the UW-Madison chapter of Collegiate FFA, an organization for students in agricultural sciences.

UW photographer Jeff Miller shot photos at the event. In the third photo of the series, Katie Dogs is the student in the front row on the lower left.