Kronos: Student timekeeping system upgrade

The current student hourly timekeeping system Kronos will be updated campus-wide on September 26, and the timesheet print function will no longer be available with the new version. Since students will no longer be able to print timesheets for supervisors to sign before turning them into the department payroll coordinator to process, direct supervisors will need to log in to Kronos at the end of the payroll period in order to electronically approve a student’s timesheet for payment. If a student’s timesheet is not approved, that student’s hours will not automatically transfer to the payroll system and thus will not be paid. It is therefore important to have supervisors’ full cooperation in implementing this change so that student employees do not experience an interruption or delay in their regularly scheduled pay.

Division payroll has been working with department payroll coordinators to set up direct supervisors and corresponding backups in case of supervisor absences. Materials are available on CALS Business Services – Payroll web page under the Student section. Supervisors can reference three resources, all of which instruct a supervisor how to approve in Kronos but in varying degrees of detail ranging from Simple Instructions to Quick Reference to PowerPoint Presentation. The resources are for the current Kronos version, so users will notice cosmetic differences after 9/26, but the functionality will remain the same after the upgrade.