Adopt a Scientist program needs volunteers

Sennett Middle School in Madison is developing a program called Adopt a Scientist, in which professionals in areas of science and academia serve as mentors and resources for classroom science teachers and students. Eleven scientists are needed for the program to exist. Sennett is a fairly mixed school, so having role models from underrepresented populations is desired, but all are welcome to participate.

The expectation is for the scientist to plan to visit the class they have been paired with early in the fall semester to conduct a lecture or activity based on science. From there, the goal would be to maintain regular communication with the teacher of the class through the most convenient means (e-mail, web page blog, etc.) that allows an opportunity for students and the teacher to ask questions directly to the scientist that will assist them in the various projects they will be doing in classes. It is not incumbent on the scientist to provide curriculum or even to make regular visits to the classroom. The aim is to have an available resource, a real person, to be available to answer questions. Ideally, these dialogues could lead to shared research programs and visits to campus.

Please contact Tom Browne from the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison at (608)262-3288,, if interested.