UW-System’s Fifth Annual Liberal Arts Essay Scholarship Competition

The UW System’s Liberal Education Initiative is announcing its Fifth Annual Liberal Arts Essay Scholarship Competition. The program, which awards three $2,000 scholarships, is open to any UW System undergraduate student in academic good standing (UW College or four-year institution) who has completed a minimum of 30 credit hours by the end of the Fall Semester 2009, and who has at least one semester remaining (Fall 2010) as a full-time student.

The essay topic is described as follows:

Liberal education is often characterized as transformative. Reflect on your education*—and on what it means to be “transformed.” When have you been affected by a transformative educational experience? What did you learn about yourself or about the world in general as a function of that pivotal experience? How have you been changed, and what do you imagine/hope will be the long-term impact of this change?

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