Administrative Process Redesign teams streamline several administrative tasks

Several improvements will be implemented soon as a result of the work of Administrative Process Redesign (APR) teams.

End IT Access for UW-Madison Employees Leaving the University
It hasn’t always been easy for HR administrators to notify DoIT Security when employees have left the university and need to have their IT access ended. That’s changing this September, when a new standardized, automated notification system called Terminated Employee Access Removal (TEAR) system will be introduced to campus HR administrators.

HR administrators can use the new system to request that employee IT access be terminated by DoIT Security for the following campus IT systems: Payroll, HR and Budget transactions (Mainframe 3270), PVL, CHRIS, Insurance Prepay, UWBA, Student Appointment Payroll System, UW Madison Employee Reports, InfoAccess, and the Housing Assignment/Billing system.

Making the Transfer of Non-Salary Costs More Efficient
Changes being implemented to improve efficiency and reduce the time it takes to process non-salary cost transfers include: separate forms for processing grant and non-grant cost transfers, new policies and procedures, offering training and certification in the use of the JET tool so that schools and colleges can directly enter non-grant corrections into SFS, and eliminating the need for a validation step in Accounting Services for the non-grant cost transfer process. A pilot training program of the new process and JET usage is planned for September.