Idea from a CALS lab propels local firm into global aquaculture market

Aova Technologies Inc., a company that produces animal feed additives based on technology developed by a CALS researcher, is on its way to becoming a player in the $70 billion global aquaculture market, thanks to a new deal to market in Japan and successful trials in Thailand. The firm markets nutritional supplements made from chicken egg antibodies for birds, pigs, calves and fish, using technology developed by animal scientist Mark Cook and licensed by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation. The company is led by Bryan Renk, a graduate of Cook’s department (BS ’82,MS ’85). Aquaculture is the fastest-growing form of food production and in the world and produces nearly half of the fish consumed globally, Renk says in this story by UW Communications writer Janet Kelly. The supplements are marketed under the brands Big Fish, Big Pig, Big Bird and Big Calf.

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