CALS Payroll has created a furlough summary report

CALS Payroll has created a new Furlough Summary Report for reporting unclassified furlough usage to Division for entry into 3270. Please complete the summary each month after receiving employees’ Furlough Time Reports, and forward the summary form to your CALS divisional payroll coordinator by the fifteenth of the month. Both groups (percent reduction and pay-as-you-go) should be on the form. Copies of individual Furlough Time Reports are not required. (For July furlough usage, departments may submit copies of individuals’ Furlough Time Reports in lieu of the Furlough Summary Report if copies have already been forwarded to Division.) Departments may send a hard copy or an electronic copy of the summary sheet to payroll, and Division will acknowledge its receipt. Please be sure to update the UDDS field with the department’s code before saving the default copy for reference. The spreadsheet is currently set to print the headers and outlined cells only, so please be aware when adding and deleting lines so that all of the information prints.

The Furlough Summary Report and updated Furlough Codes for Unclassified can be accessed on the CALS Business Services Payroll web page.

Contact CALS Payroll for assistance.

Susie Juncer 262-2034
Sandy Weigt 265-3092