Somebody had to test the ice cream sandwiches

In case you think that working in the CALS administrative offices is all peaches and cream, think again. Sometimes it’s cookies and cream. Recently, a few members of the CALS communication staff were pressed into duty to beta-test a new product, Babcock ice cream sandwiches, when Lisa Zychowski of the UW-Madison Food Science Club delivered a box of prototypes to Ag Hall. Club members are developing the product and will produce and market it to raise funds for club activities.

“The club will manufacture the product in the dairy plant under my guidance,” explains Babcock dairy plant manager Bill Klein. “Essentially they’ll pay us wholesale prices and then turn around and sell it at retail. I want to be it a food science club project.”

He thinks the product will be popular and that there is a market on campus for this type of portable ice cream.

Labels and packaging designed by club members are on order, Klein says. Once all supplies are in hand, the first production run—probably about 1,000 units—will take place. The sandwiches should be on sale before the end of summer.

The CALS communication staff argues for a go-slow approach. They think more testing is in order.