CALS in the News – July 17–24

News about or interest to CALS faculty and staff…

Scientists And Public Differ On Views About Nanotechnology Regulation
CALS News, 7/19/09
Quoted: Dietram Scheufele, Life Sciences Communications

Young Scientists Get Close-up View
Wisconsin State Journal, 7/20/09
Mentioned: Entomology
Mentioned: Genetics

Keeping It Local: UW-Madison Diners Get ‘Home-Grown’ Veggies
UW-Communications, 7/21/09
Quoted: Monica Theis, Food Science
Mentioned: Ed Lyon, director of Allen Centennial Gardens

UW-Madison researcher to sequence genomes of ants
Wisconsin State Journal 7/22/09
Quoted: Cameron Currie, Bacteriology

Students prepare for Costa Rica science trek
Star Tribune 7/22/09
Mentioned: Cameron Currie, Bacteriology

Specialist team to focus on swine industry
Country Today, 7/22/09 (subscription) Pg 7C
Mentioned: UW-Extension
Quoted: David Williams, Extension Associate Program Director

Grazing School Slated in Cable
Country Today, 7/22/09 (subscription) Pg 3C
Mentioned: UW-Extension
Mentioned: Dairy Science

Doyle Announces Nearly $1 Million For Grazing
Agri-View, 7/22/09
Mentioned: Randall Jackson, Agronomy

Digman New UW Machinery Specialist
Agri-View, 7/23/09
Mentioned: Matthew Digman, Biological Systems Engineering

UW, ISU Wave Caution Flag on Plant Health Programs For Beans
Agri-View, 7/23/09
Quoted: Paul Esker, Plant Pathology
Quoted: Shawn Conley, Agronomy

Scream for Ice Cream in July
Agri-View, 7/22/09
Quoted: Bill Klein, Food Science

Milk Prices Still Expected to Slowly Improve
Agri-View, 7/22/09
Quoted: Robert Cropp, Ag. & Applied Economics

Disinfectants: Potato Facilities
Agri-View, 7/22/09
Quoted: Amy Charkowski, Plant Pathology

Harvest Aids For Winter Wheat
Agri-View, 7/22/09
Quoted: Chris Boerboom, Agronomy

Don’t Exceed Maximums: RR Beans
Agri-View, 7/22/09
Quoted: Chris Boerboom, Agronomy

Sweet Corn Condition Eyed
Agri-View, 7/22/09
Quoted: Alvin Bussan, Horticulture

Of Interest:

Report says 250 companies have UW-Madison ties
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 7/17/09

Tractors Pull in Farming Fans; Red Power Round Up Starts Thursday
Wisconsin State Journal, 7/22/09

Update: Madison’s tech sector is growing
Wisconsin State Journal, 7/23/09