NIH Training Grant and Fellowship News

Please review the following information on NIH Training Grant protocols, the transition to electronic submission for NIH fellowships , and support for shortfall on NIH training grants and predoctoral fellowships.

Protocols on NIH Training Grants

With the addition of Animal Care and Use protocols to the PLuS (Protocol Lookup System), it is no longer required to enter any protocol numbers or attach protocol approvals to WISPER records for NIH Training Grants. Instead, attach an Excel spreadsheet that lists all active and applicable protocols for the Training Grant to the WISPER record. As a reminder, it is required that, for each Training Grant, information is recorded and updated regarding all protocols under which active trainees are working. This information will be required by RSP at time of award.

For more information on entering protocols for training grants in WISPER, please visit the Graduate School’s website at

NIH Fellowships transition to electronic submission for August 8 deadline

As of the upcoming August 8 deadline, NIH will require all fellowship applications to be submitted electronically. Note that this means, at the UW, we will us Cayuse for all fellowship applications. Cayuse plans to release version 3.8 in mid-July, which will include support for NIH fellowships. More information on Cayuse training for fellowship submissions will follow, but please consider the following two steps that can be completed in the meantime:

  1. Any individual who plans to apply for a fellowship and is enrolled or appointed at UW-Madison already should log into Cayuse, go into his or her professional profile, and set up their routing chain (Carol Hillmer as the next reviewer) and set their eRA Role as Principal Investigator.
  2. All faculty mentors who will have students or postdocs submitting applications should log into Cayuse, go into their own professional profiles, and add permissions for the fellowship applicant.

In addition, all applicants must have an NIH eRA Commons account, and all letters of reference are required by NIH to be submitted via the Commons.

Contact Becky Bound,, 265-8443, with any questions or plans to submit a fellowship application.

Support for shortfall on NIH training grants and predoctoral fellowships

The Graduate School recently released a memo stating that, as of Fall 2009, coverage will be available for the shortfall on all NIH training grants and predoctoral fellowships on campus. For details, please visit

There will also be limited support available for the shortfall on other graduate training and fellowship programs, as outlined in the memo. Please contact Becky Bound,, (608) 265-8443, with questions about the memo or how it might affect your particular award.