Wanted: Suggestions and requests for training from the CALS Research Division

The Research Division is working on planning and scheduling training sessions for the summer and fall and would like your input!
If you have thoughts or suggestions in regard to the following, please let us know:

  • Times for sessions – Is there a day of the week or time of day that is easier for more faculty or administrators to attend? A time during the semester that is better than others?
  • Session topics – Is there anything you would like to learn more about? Policies? Procedures? Electronic Systems? We’d like to consider your needs into planning sessions that will help you to effectively and efficiently work with our office to prepare
    proposals and manage awards.
  • Session format – Suggestions are welcome as to how faculty and administrators would most like to see sessions presented. PowerPoint? Roundtable discussions? Other suggestions?
  • Publicity – Upcoming sessions are listed on the Research Division’s website and included in eCALS – other suggestions regarding ways to increase awareness of upcoming trainings and encourage attendance would be welcome!

Please email Becky Bound,, any helpful thoughts or suggestions.