Symposium on August 3 will honor Dick Burgess

A symposium to honor Dick Burgess and the 40th anniversary of the discovery of bacterial sigma factors will be held on Monday, August 3 and Tuesday, August 4. The event, titled “Past, present, and future of transcriptional regulation,” will be held in the Ebling Symposium Center in the Microbial Sciences Building (1550 Linden Drive). The program can be viewed at:  A flyer suitable for posting is available here.

Speakers at the event will include Rich Losick, Jeff Roberts, Carol Gross, Tom Record, Rick Gourse, Edmundo Calva, Alan Grossman, Tania Baker, Zach Burton, Jim Dahlberg, Becky Boston, Nancy Thompson, Waclaw Szybalski, Jerry Jendrisak, Jackie Miller, Bill Reznikoff, and Ann Burgess.

There will be a special dinner for symposium attendees on the evening of August 3 in MSB. All are invited to attend the symposium, but please register at the URL provided above if you wish to attend the dinner.