Budget papers offer pros, cons of issues important to UW-Madison

Below is a list of budget papers that the Legislative Fiscal Bureau has drafted on budget items of interest to UW-Madison. Budget papers are provided to members of the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Finance to consider as they debate and vote on the budget. These papers are written to give legislators every known pro and con on a particular issue before recommending a specific alternative. For a complete list of budget papers including a link to pdf copies of each, go here. The UW-Madison Office of State Relations offers its recommendations to the committee as well.

#324 Domestic Partner Retirement and Group Insurance Benefits
#805 Base Budget Reductions
#806 Recruitment and Retention of High Demand Faculty
#807 Wisconsin Institute for Discovery
#808 Bioenergy Initiative and Segregated Funds Position Authority
#809 Wisconsin Genomics Initiative
#810 School of Public Health (UW-Milwaukee)
#811 School of Freshwater Sciences (UW-Milwaukee)
#812 Nonresident Tuition Exemptions for Certain Undocumented Persons