Support CALS Student Council: Bid online in silent auction by 7:15 pm, May 1

CALS Student Council puts on many great events for your students each year including the CALS Fall Picnic, CALS Leadership Retreat, and CALS Day for Kids.  We also work to be a student voice for CALS on both College and campus issues.  Unfortunately, CALS Student Council will no longer receive program funds from segregated fees in 2009-10.  We are dedicated to continuing our student programs in CALS and have began coordinating fundraising activities.  This week we are hosting the first annual CALS Silent Auction.  The attached silent-auction flyer lists items on the auction block. Also attached is a list of current bids (as of April 29).  We would like to extend an invite to you and others in your department to support CALS Student Council by bidding on an item or two.  Bids can be placed by emailing