Important information regarding protocol/compliance on stimulus proposals

This ALERT is from William S. Mellon, Associate Dean for Research Policy, The Graduate School

As the Campus prepares to deal with research requests based on funds available through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), I want to stress several vital aspects of the process to enhance our ability to be successful. I would appreciate if you would forward this
message to each of your researchers.

  1. As faculty/staff submit new grants under the stimulus initiative for administrative processing, please simultaneously submit all protocols to all relevant protocol offices (human subject, animal, biosafety, etc.) for review. Since there is a very short turn around time for funding successful proposals it is imperative that the protocol approval process be initiated immediately.
  2. If faculty/staff receive a communication from a federal funding agency (NSF, NIH, etc) that an already submitted grant application will now be funded based on the availability of new funds, the following should occur:
    a. please notify RSP, your Dean’s office, and your departmental administrator of the impending award.
    b. contact each relevant protocol office to ascertain the status of protocol approval if you have not already been informed.
    c. ensure that you are up-to-date on all effort reporting tasks and outside activities reporting (your departmental administrator can help verify this status for you).