Important info about Recovery Act/Stimulus funding opportunities

New research funding opportunities may be coming your way as part of the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Across the nation, institutions of higher education, including UW-Madison, are being asked to contribute our expertise and strong record of success in research and education to help stimulate the economy with an infusion of an unprecedented level of funding. For more information about how ARRA relates to research at UW-Madison, please visit the RSP ARRA Information site.

Research funding will be dispersed through various mechanisms. Some researchers have been contacted by agencies about proposals that were previously submitted and passed by, others are responding to proposal requests as they arise. Check for new opportunities.

If you plan on applying for an ARRA/Stimulus opportunity or have been contracted by an agency regarding a previously submitted proposal being recommended for funding under the stimulus money, please contact Meredith Luschen at the CALS Research Division immediately. She can be reached at at 261-1500 or These opportunities may have limited preparation time, special submission instructions, and specific reporting requirements. The Research Division looks forward to working closely with you to make sure proposals meet all requirements and are submitted on time.