Please use new room addresses when sending mail to Ag Hall

If you’ve been in Ag Hall over the last few months, you’ve likely noticed that many employees in CALS administrative units have moved. This is the result of an effort to better accommodate these units’ space and work flow requirements. The result provides a more effective use of space by grouping units with similar missions to provide support and services more efficiently. We appreciate your patience throughout this relocation process.

Below is a list of employees who have moved with the offices where you’ll now (or soon will) find them. Please update any local directory listings/labels that you have with these new addresses. The campus directory has been updated to reflect these changes.

Office of the Dean and Director
Dauscher, Arla — to 140 Ag Hall
Traska, Jeremy — to 146 Ag Hall
Zoerb, Heidi — to 140B Ag Hall

Co-op Extension Admin
Holm, Katelin — to 146 Ag Hall
Kolb, Lorre — to 146 Ag Hall
Roberts, Jodi — to 146 Ag Hall

Admin Computing Services
Avery, Barbara — to 216C Ag Hall
Krembs, Charlene — to 216D Ag Hall
Oksiuta, Dan — to 216B Ag Hall
Pursian, Jason — to 216E Ag Hall

Human Resources
Arnold, Pamela — to 240 Ag Hall
Grabner, Mischelle — to 240I Ag Hall
Heideman Nigbor, Linda — to 240J Ag Hall
Messer, Tonya — to 240 Ag Hall
Owens, Meghan — to 240H Ag Hall
Willems, Maggie — to 240 Ag Hall

CALS Conference Services
Cooper, Heather — to 205 Ag Dean’s Res.
Tang, Limin — to 203 Ag Dean’s Res.

International Programs/Babcock Inst.
Peace Corps Rep. (John Sheffy) — to 116I Ag Hall
Allendorf, Teri — to 116F Ag Hall
Anliker, Karen — to 212 Ag Hall
Bates, Amy — to 464 An. Sciences
Baumgartner, Sharon — to 212B Ag Hall
Davis, Beverly — to 205 Ag Hall
Decker, Elysha — to 464 to An. Sciences
Ferrick, John — to 116A Ag Hall
Kantor, David — to 458 An. Sciences
Lenz, Jenna — to 464 An. Sciences
Nano, Olger — to 212 Ag Hall
Nielsen, Karen — to 460 An. Sciences
Shapiro, Kenneth — to 212A Ag Hall
Van Toll, Laura — to 212C Ag Hall

Research Division
Bound, Rebecca — to 240P Ag Hall
Deering, Cheryl — to 240M Ag Hall
Fowler, Sandra — to 240D Ag Hall
Freitag, Ginger — to 240T Ag Hall
Gaspard, Julene — to 240P Ag Hall
Heo, Kwangjun — to 240S Ag Hall
Hillmer, Carol — to 240L Ag Hall
Hillmer, Casey — to 240Q Ag Hall
Hilmanowski, Gina — to 240S Ag Hall
Jaedike, Bonnie — to 240 Ag Hall
Luschen, Meredith — to 240N Ag Hall
Norris, Laurel — to 240F Ag Hall
Pang, Jennifer — to 240B Ag Hall
Seitler, Angela — to 240C Ag Hall
Uili, Lilia — to 216F Ag Hall

CALS Communication Program
(moving in March)

Bock, Rebecca — to 136E Ag Hall
Doering, Diane — to 136B Ag Hall
Kenyon, Sevie — to 136 Ag Hall
Miller, Nicole — to 136 Ag Hall
Mitchell, Robert — to 146B Ag Hall
Penn, Michael — to 136A Ag Hall
Quevedo, Vidal — to 136 Ag Hall
Rogers, Camille — to 146 Ag Hall

Ag Research Stations
Bruhn, Jean — to 208 Ag Dean’s Res.
Dunigan, Philip — to 201 Ag Dean’s Res.