Key points of current state budget proposal

Here are some highlights (not an all-inclusive list) of state budget proposals:


  • Implementation of combined reporting for certain corporate entities in Wisconsin.
  • A new tax bracket of 7.75% for joint returns over $300,000 income.
  • Reduction of the capital gains exclusion to 40% from the current 60%.
  • A 75-cents per pack increase in the cigarette and tobacco tax.
  • An assessment on oil company profits.
  • Implementation of the Main Street Equity Act.
  • Create a dairy cooperative investment and a meat processing facility tax credits program.


  • Implementation of a 1% across-the-board reduction for state agencies.
  • Change state corrections policy “to better focus resources on the most serious offenders.”
  • Eliminate 17 positions at the Dept of Revenue because of automation of records and sales tax systems.
  • Remove state staff from Wisconsin Welcome Centers.
  • Consolidate brownfield operations, minority business certification, restaurant and food inspection activities and human resource functions.
  • Close 39 mobile Division of Motor Vehicle Stations.
  • Close two state trooper stations (Tomah and Spooner)
  • Close 25 DNR service centers.
  • No pay raises for state employees.
  • Slow the expansion of the Family Care program to additional counties.
  • Not move forward with the Badger Choice health initiative.


  • Over the two year budget cycle, a combination of state and federal funds will increase state education funding by $426 million.
  • Allow school districts to exceed revenue limits for safety, transportation costs and school nursing expenses.
  • Hold the line on tuition at the UW by providing a home harmless provision for families making less than $60,000.
  • Allowing a UW tuition increase about the same as experienced in the past budget.
  • Creation of a freshwater school and public health school at the UW-Milwaukee.
  • Increase financial aid by $38 million.
  • Make a $25 million down payment on the future costs of the Wisconsin Covenant. The first class is expected in 2011.
  • The UW System will experience an overall $120 million cut from the current base.
  • Require additional math and science credits for high school graduation.


  • Spend $569 million for road projects, including $500 million in federal funds.
  • Provide for improved Amtrak service between Milwaukee and Chicago and move toward passenger service between Madison and Milwaukee.
  • Provide for implementation of regional transit authorities in Southeast Wisconsin, Fox Valley and Dane County.
  • Implement a single license plate program.


  • Create a domestic partner protection program.
  • Implement a state-wide smoking ban.
  • Create a child care quality rating system.
  • Reform the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare.

For the full text of the bill: