Update on procedures for PayData

Effective immediately, CALS Business Services only needs one PayData with an original signature. We do not need a second copy. Also, please remember an earlier announcement (Sandy Weigt’s email dated 5/27/08) that we only need the first page of the PayData, i.e. the funding matrix and signature, for changes to “Funding string(s).” We still need the entire PayData printout for all other changes.
For funding in multiple CALS departments, please notify the second department to sign and send an updated PayData if changes need to be made to their funding. If possible, please have both departments sign the same PayData. Note: We only need multiple signatures for split CALS funding. We do not require supporting signatures for funding in other colleges because we trust that you have verified with them.

Principle Investigator signatures are required on Salary Cost Transfers for 142 funding in addition to 144 funding.

Lastly, the CALS Business Services Payroll tab now has a link to Divisional Payroll Form Requirements, which covers classified, LTE, and unclassified staff.

Please call us with any questions or concerns.

Sandy Weigt, 265-3092,
Susie Juncer, 262-2034,