IMPORTANT: proposal submission complications and delays

As we approach a period of major federal application deadlines,, the web portal for all federal proposal submissions, has been experiencing significant delays. Applications are taking hours to make it through the portals, if they make it through at all on the first submission attempt. To alleviate and avoid complications, if you are submitting a proposal for any federal opportunity in the near future, please take the following steps:

  • Use Cayuse if it is available for your application. Cayuse has been more reliable than submitting directly to Note, however, that all Cayuse applications must still pass through the servers on their way to the agency, so even with Cayuse, we must plan accordingly.
  • Submit applications well in advance of the sponsor deadlines. CALS’ lead time guideline remains 1 week prior to the deadline, in order to allow time to thoroughly review and successfully submit the application. In this uncertain time, we recommend submitting your proposal to CALS a minimum of one week prior to the deadline.
  • Please know that CALS Research Division will work closely with RSP,, Cayuse Support, and agency help desks to ensure that submissions are successful, and to document and track any complications that arise. Don’t hesitate to contact us to let us know of a planned submission, or to discuss any questions or concerns about an upcoming submission.

    CALS Research Division