CALS budget forum discussion continues online

More than 120 members of the CALS community attended the budget forum on Monday, January 26. This open discussion is just the beginning of the process CALS will follow during the budget deliberations. The administration is committed to a phase of research where we thoroughly examine options and possibilities, followed by a synthesis of that information, which is then reviewed again by our community, and readjusted based on that input. The CALS Academic Planning Council, as a shared governance body, will have an opportunity to review information gathered during this process and make recommendations to the dean, as is their charge.

Revised Budget Guiding Principles
Following the budget forum and online submissions from members of the CALS community, additional changes were made to these principles intended to support the budgeting process. Please note these are not meant to serve as a mission, vision or strategic plan for the college as a whole.

Share your thoughts
We invite your comments on any of the following questions discussed at the budget forum:

  1. What core activities and qualities of our community must we protect at all costs and why?
  2. What efficiencies and opportunities should we pursue to increase resources and help grow a stable funding base?
  3. Do you see the need to eliminate or add items to the list of the principles that will guide us in this process?

We would very much like to receive your comments by the end of February – However, this Web site and the opportunity to share your views will be available through the end of the spring semester. We encourage you to visit frequently for updates and important messages regarding our budget deliberations.