First UW instrumentation forum – Feb. 24

The first in what is intended to be an ongoing series of instrumentation forums is scheduled for Tuesday, February 24 at 4:30 PM in Room 3120 Mechanical Engineering. The forum will be focused on issues related to instrumentation, lab management, and general discussion of practical problems related to research laboratories or projects.

Although these gatherings are meant to be informal, we suggest that the first meeting be used to better define the group’s activities. Some options are:

1. A presentation by a member of the group about his or her work or challenges, followed by a Q and A session.

2. A topic of discussion that is addressed in a roundtable/discussion setting by the whole group.

3. Meeting at a group member’s site, getting a tour, hearing a brief introduction of the project(s) being conducted there, followed by Q and A.

In addition to working on the framework for future meetings, and meeting each other, I will give a short introduction of PSL and how we work with researchers on campus.

Please note, we are still building this e-mail list. If you wish to be removed or have suggestions for others that should be added, please contact Nancy Dopkins at I hope you will be able to join us and help make this forum a success. Refreshments will be provided.

Farshid Feyzi,
Physical Sciences Laboratory