Apply for instructional lab modernization funds by March 27

Attached are the forms for the Instructional Laboratory Modernization Program for 2009-2010. If your department wishes to have any projects considered for the next round of funding, please submit a proposal to me by March 27, 2008. We will then set priorities for funding and request approval from the campus level. Departments can submit more than one proposal but must be submitted in priority ranking. Proposals must come from the office of the chair on behalf of the department.

All of the attached forms should be completed for the project. Please try to make accurate estimates of costs, because the College will use your proposal as the basis for our request to the campus. Any remodeling costs must be a minor part of the proposal and must be based on an estimate from Physical Plant. A Physical Plant cost estimate is required in order to be considered for funding. If you have any problems getting a Physical Plant estimate please contact me or Associate Dean Frank Kooistra as early as possible.

The Instructional Laboratory Modernization guidelines are in a UW System Financial and Administrative Policy Paper (F48) that is available on the web at

Proposals may be sent e-mail (preferably in an MS-Word file). The format does not need to be exactly the same layout as that in the forms, as long as the required information is included.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for your help in improving laboratory experiences for students.

Robert Ray
Associate Dean
Undergraduate Programs and Services