Encourage students to apply for EPA’s environmental management fellowships by Feb. 2

Please encourage your students to apply for the 2009 EPA-National Network for Environmental Management Studies Fellowship competition by the Feb. 2 deadline (download the program announcement here). Although these are labeled as fellowships, the assignments might be more accurately described as research internships. It is anticipated that approximately 20-30 research projects will be offered next year among the following categories:

  • environmental policy, regulation, and law;
  • environmental management and administration;
  • environmental science; and
  • public relations and communications.

These include opportunities for students at all academic levels, from freshmen to doctoral candidates. The application deadline is February 2, 2009. All materials including the program catalog, list of research projects, FAQs and the application form are online. For complete details, please see the EPA-NNEMS web site at

Check the website for contact information regarding specific research projects. For more general questions, email EPA-NNEMS advisor, Carolyn Pitera at with a subject line of “NNEMS Fellowship Program” or call the EPA-NNEMS toll-free at 800-358-8769.