Cayuse changes and training opportunities

Read on to hear about the transition from PureEdge to Adobe-based forms for submitting via Cayuse. Also see a list of upcoming training opportunities that will help you navigate the program and provide you the opportunity ask questions in a personal environment.

Cayuse training opportunities
The School of Medicine and Public Health will be providing demonstrations of the Cayuse software throughout the year. No registration is needed. Participants from any unit on campus are welcome to attend. All times are 9-11:30 a.m. The scheduled dates are:

Thursday, Dec. 11 in 1360 Biotech/Genetics Center
Thursday, Jan. 8 in 4201 Health Sciences Learning Center
Thursday, Apr. 2 in 1360 Biotech/Genetics Center
Thursday, May 7 in 4201 Health Sciences Learning Center

More information about the training opportunities and to view online resources, visit:

Transition from PureEdge to Adobe-based forms
As you may know, NIH and many other federal funding agencies are transitioning from PureEdge to the Adobe-based form set ( As a Cayuse424 user this transition affects you in the following ways:

1) The transition from PureEdge to the Adobe-Forms, from a proposal development perspective, will be completely transparent to Cayuse424 users. Once the Adobe packages are published you can download and use them immediately.

2) This transition will cause a short-term printing difference between what you see in Cayuse424 and what the final proposal looks like when it reaches the funding agency. The Adobe forms look different than what you are used to seeing on the funding agency sites (NIH in particular). Cayuse will be phasing in the new “print style” over the next couple of releases.

3) If you log in and your proposal has expired, indicated by the “red circle with a slash through it” icon in both your Proposal tab and the opportunity repository in Cayuse424, call or email your CALS Research Division pre-award contact for assistance. In some rare cases, an alternate form set will be needed, and the Research Division will be happy to help you if that is the case.

For more information about Cayuse or to sign up for their email listserve, check out For questions about a proposal you are working on, call or email your CALS Research Division pre-award contact.

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