Short course program offers interim sessions January-March

The CALS Farm and Industry Short Course program will offer several courses during the weeks of Jan. 5-9, Jan. 12-16, and Feb. 10 – March 26. The application deadline is Dec. 19.

Course fees cover the cost of registration and instructional materials. For additional information write CALS Conference Services, 620 Babcock Drive, Madison, WI 53706 or phone (608) 263-1672. Applicants may register online or download a brochure.

Courses Offered The Week Of Jan. 5-9

• Diagnosing and Monitoring Pest and Nutrient Status of Field Crops: This course is designed to provide the skills necessary for proper pest identification, crop-scouting techniques and will provide useful baseline information for people who are preparing for the Wisconsin CCA exam. In addition, basic information such as crop growth and development, pest life cycle, pest damage symptoms and economic thresholds will be covered. Crops covered will include, corn, alfalfa, soybean and wheat. Fee: $200

• Integrated Pest Management for Ornamentals: A hands-on class providing students the opportunity to compare, contrast and differentiate plant health problems found in turf and woody landscape plants and discuss practical management solutions compatible with an integrated pest management system. Fee: $200

Courses Offered The Week Of Jan. 12-16:

• Agribusiness Human Resource Management: Students will learn about job descriptions, staffing farm businesses, supervision, planning and strategic management, performance evaluations and communication techniques for working with employees. Government paperwork procedures for employees will also be covered. Fee: $200

• Pasture Management: This course covers pasture establishment, pasture improvement and pasture plant growth. Instructors will discuss pasture layout, fencing and water systems, pasture utilization by the animal, animal nutrient needs vs. pasture growth, and supplemental feeding. Fee: $200

• Advanced Dairy Reproduction: Students will become proficient in artificial insemination, ovarian palpation, pregnancy detection and understanding of the estrous cycle. Other advanced reproduction techniques such as embryo transfer and ultrasound-guided oocyte aspiration will be demonstrated. Fee: $250

• Green House Management: The course is designed to provide students with a working knowledge of current principles and practices important for successful greenhouse operation, design and management. Fee: $225

Course Offered The Weeks Of Feb. 10 – March 26

• Landscape Construction and Management: The course will introduce students to the basic techniques of plant bed preparation and maintenance, interpreting landscape design specs, the basic steps undertaken in landscape grading and drainage, and projects such as patios and retaining walls. Fee: $200