Forum on Copyright Issues – Dec. 2

What does copyright mean to you? For some researchers it means knowing if the image of an 800-year old artifact can be placed on a website without obtaining permission first. For some IT staff it means knowing what to do about legal peer-to-peer software that could be used to violate publishers’ copyright.

For all staff and faculty it means dealing with one of the most pressing instruction and research issues facing this campus today. Although the issue seems ever-present, the information staff have on the use of intellectual property is often confusing at best.

The UW-Madison Libraries are sponsoring an open campus forum to look at how copyright issues have an impact on faculty, staff, and students. The goal of the forum will be to initiate an institutional discussion, and to help identify specific examples of how faculty, staff and students encounter copyright challenges in their work. The forum can be seen as a starting point — a place to begin talking about how copyright and fair use is applied and identify areas where support is needed.

What: Forum on Copyright Issues
Who: Open to all interested individuals
Where: TITU, Memorial Union
When: December 2, 1-2:30 pm

Registration: (registration not necessary to attend).