Northern counties seek proposals for developing Ashland ag research station lands

Bayfield and Ashland Counties are requesting development proposals for the use of the former UW-Madison Agricultural Research Station lands and facilities located at 68760 State Farm Road, Town of Eileen, Bayfield County, Wisconsin.
This property was returned to the counties in 2006. The location of the property is under two miles from Chequamegon Bay. The property includes over 240 acres of land just outside of the City of Ashland and approximately seven miles south of Washburn. The property is bordered by US Highway 2 and State Highway 137 with the Tri-County Corridor trail system cutting through the property connecting the Cities of Superior and Ashland.

Over the past two years the counties have undertaken planning efforts. Earlier this year an updated land use plan was adopted by the Town of Eileen and Bayfield and Ashland Counties.

The agricultural history of the site is recognized by the counties. Sustainability, complimentary business practices and alternate energy efforts are encouraged in the Request for Proposal. Recent visits by the Dean of the College of Agriculture for the University of Wisconsin and a representative from Wisconsin’s recently formed office of Energy Independence have highlighted potential uses for the property.

The counties are open to all ideas. “Our goal,” reports Bayfield County Board Chair, William Kacvinsky “is to create opportunities for local residents.” Job creation is listed as a goal in the focus area of the RFP. A January 16, 2009 response timeline is included in the request for proposals. RFP packets can be obtained by contacting the Bayfield County Administrator’s office at 117 E 6th Street, Washburn, WI, or at the Bayfield County, WI web site, under “advertisements.”