Submit Cayuse proposals early to avoid hassles and errors

PI’s: We’ve recently received notice that some proposals submitted using Cayuse424 are getting a “Transmittal Error” upon submission. The “Transmittal Error” message is not a problem with Cayuse; it is being caused by performance issues is experiencing during this deadline period. Proposals are being submitted and accepted by but in some instances the servers are not sending back the tracking number, which is our confirmation that the submission was successful. As a result, we may experience delays in receiving these submission confirmations from The potential problem exists in the rare situation in which, instead of confirmation, we receive notice that the proposal submission was unsuccessful due to errors. To ensure that your proposal submission is successful and, if necessary, that we have time to address any errors or complications, CALS Research Division is strongly encouraging PI’s to plan for their Cayuse proposals to be submitted at least a day in advance of the proposal deadline.

If you are planning for an upcoming Cayuse proposal submission, please contact your department’s preaward contact in the Research Division (