Effort Certification issues? Links for certifiers and coordinators

Effort certification is now open for the period of January to June 2008. If you have questions about certifying your effort or the effort of your research staff, or about processing the effort for staff and faculty in your department, read on to discover which resources and contacts can get you answers.

For certifiers:
General information about effort certification:

Info about the required training:

For departmental effort coordinators:

Effort training completion status lookup:

Effort certification status lookup:
*this is the best tool for determining who has completed certification and who has not*

RSP effort coordinator training materials:

Contact information:

The first point of contact for individuals in CALS is their departmental effort coordinator. Questions can also be directed to the CALS Effort Coordinator, Laurel Norris, 890-1677,

RSP maintains to effort mailboxes. is designated for questions and comments about the program. accepts questions about effort certification or commitments.

Please think about effort certification early and make use of the resources and contacts available to you. Campus is happy to help you in this compliance requirement.