CALS partners with athletic dept. on “carbon-neutral” game

The Badgers’ Homecoming game against Illinois on Oct. 25, has been designated a “carbon-neutral” game. The game, the first of its kind in the Big Ten and one of the first in the nation, will offer a chance to raise awareness of environmental issues, such as the damaging effects of carbon dioxide and the benefits of conservation and recycling. CALS faculty and staff have done a lot of the planning and groundwork, including an analysis of the carbon emissions generated by the event. That calculation, done by a student working with CALS faculty, estimates that a typical game day generates the emission of more than 1,170 tons of carbon dioxide. The vast majority of emissions come from fans traveling to and from the game, but the analysis also took into account electrical use, production of concessions and hotel stays by fans.

For details on the carbon neutral game, see the following UW-Madison press release: Homecoming features Big Ten’s first ‘carbon-neutral’ football game