WAA’s new Web Strategy offers direct access to alumni record

Recently, the UW Foundation implemented a new application called Web Strategy.  It gives you direct access to the alumni record.  You are able to see the current information and can quickly offer your updates to the information that exists. It’s totally web-based, so there is no additional software needed.  It’s easy  … and it’s FREE!

Did you know that 18% of the population moves every year?  Consider this as the challenge that presents itself as you try to keep track of the mailing addresses, phones, emails, marriages, divorces, name changes, jobs …. and on and on and on …  of our alumni and donors.  Our UW-Madison alumni/friends database is one that changes every hour of the day.  The UW Foundation has staff working diligently to keep the data current, thereby offering an almost complete guarantee that the information is current when it’s time for you to contact your alum.   Here are just a few examples of how they do this:

  • the entire database —  550,000+ records — is sent through the US Post Office National Change of Address system every week,   The returns from that process are about 1000 weekly.
  • the UWF receives all updates/returns that come from the ON WISCONSIN magazine which is mailed to all alumni each quarter.  Those returns average about 3500 an issue.
  • updates are also received from memberships in both the Wisconsin Union and the WAA, as well as for all ticket holders for all UW-Madison sports.
  • an on-line alumni directory from both the WAA and the School of Business, and the UW Foundation alumni survey, are other vehicles that offer updates to the database.

Offered to all campus colleagues, the UWF hopes that a commitment to keeping alumni information current is a shared goal.

Another service available to all departments is the ability to get mailing lists — any time — as a free service of the Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA).  The details of that process are explained in one of the pdf files attached.

Using Web Strategy and getting your mailing lists from WAA completes the circle of contact.  Now the WAA and the UW Foundation work cooperatively to provide you free services on both sides of your contact management process.  We urge you to seek out the information you need to be enrolled in these free services.  And, if you aren’t currently doing so, start sharing your demographic information updates with the UW Foundation today.  The overall cost savings using this “circle of contact” is of primary concern; however, the fact that we will truly reach the alumni and donors we are trying to contact is a huge return for our organization.

Information on these options or any further questions you may have can be answered by contacting Sharon Adler, Senior Director of Database Services for the UW Foundation.  Her direct line is 263-8419 and her email address is