Kemper K. Knapp Bequest Committee is soliciting proposals

The Kemper K. Knapp Bequest Committee is soliciting proposals for special projects taking place in the 2009-2010 academic year. Knapp grants are usually in the range of $500 to $5,000. According to the terms of the original bequest, the committee favors projects that cross departmental lines and have an impact on the educational and cultural life of the university community, particularly projects that benefit undergraduate students. Knapp funds are not often used for purposes that can and should be supported elsewhere, such as from regular grants or research funding, from fees charged for performances, or from the regular university budget. Nor is the committee inclined to support exhibitions or lectures because other campus committees (e.g., Anonymous Fund Committee, Lectures Committee) have them as a central funding target. The committee encourages registered student organizations to apply, but departmental/program co-sponsorship is required.

When considering requests for funds, the committee keeps in mind the spirit of the will of Kemper K. Knapp. Included is the following language:

“In general it is my wish that such funds be used for purposes outside the regular curriculum of the university . . . to cultivate in the student body ideals of honesty, sincerity, earnestness, tolerance, and social and political obligations.”
A list of funding requests from last year’s call for proposals is available on-line or by contacting the Office of the Secretary of the Faculty (262-3956, 133 Bascom Hall). This

How to Apply for Funds

This fall, the Knapp Committee will consider applications for projects taking place during the next (2009-2010) academic year. The deadline for applications is Friday, October 17, 2008. Please submit six copies of the application to: Knapp Committee, 133 Bascom Hall. Applicants should be aware that funds are limited.

Please note that the committee has already distributed awards for the current (2008-2009) academic year. However, in circumstances that necessitate taking advantage of special opportunities, the committee will consider applications for projects occurring in the spring semester of the current academic year.

The committee will notify all applicants of its decision by the end of the fall semester (mid-December).

In your application, be as brief and straightforward as possible. A complete application will include the following items:

1) A cover letter from the department chair or person principally responsible for the project;

2) A description of the project that answers the following seven questions (under usual circumstances, two to three pages is adequate):

What is the basic plan of the proposed project?
Why is this an important project and how will it reach members of the university community?
How will it enrich its intended audience, especially undergraduate students?
Who is involved?
Which university departments or programs will participate in the project?
Is this a new project or one that the Knapp Bequest or other university sources have supported in the past?
Will other funding sources be expected to share costs?
3) The budget page and a statement indicating when funds will be needed. Identify all project expenses and list all sources of funding, pending and already awarded. Requests to fund the purchase of large equipment must be justified. If the project involves the purchase of food, be aware that the Knapp Committee will not generally fund this type of expense without compelling justification. Each proposal should address the question of how the project would be affected if the Knapp request and/or other requests were denied or reduced in amount. If attempts to obtain other support have already been made and denied, please include this information in a cover letter or elsewhere in the proposal;

4) A brief vitae (not more than one page) of the director of the project;

5) Two or three letters of support, including one from the department or program chair if different from the project director as identified above.

We look forward to hearing from you.  If you have questions about any of the above instructions, please direct them to me (262-8087; or to Joni Brown, Office of the Secretary of the Faculty (262-3956;

[The Kemper K. Knapp Bequest Committee is comprised of faculty members from all four divisions and the chancellor or the chancellor’s designee.]