Research FAQs and hot topics

  • Grant submission program Cayuse424 unveils updates
  • Info on payroll encumbrances for 142 formula grants
  • All gift accounts converted to fund 233
  • Updates to WISPER desk references

Grant submission program Cayuse424 unveils updates

Cayuse424 now provides more forms, improvements to the validations engine, more control over subaward data, and supports about 95 percent of the funding opportunities on Also be aware that a new icon, a red circle with a slash through it, has appeared on the Proposals tab and the Updated Opportunity list. The purpose of this icon is to show the user that the opportunity is expired and has been removed from the server. You will notice the icon on older proposals and many DOD proposals (which expire frequently). Regardless of the icon, you can still transform the proposal to another opportunity. Questions about the Cayuse upgrades can be directed towards

Info on payroll encumbrances for 142 formula grants

Payroll encumbrance for 142 formula grants for fiscal year 2009-2010 will not be able to post prior to 14 days before the project begin date. For example, a project begin date of October 1, 2008, will allow encumbrance to post beginning September 16, 2008. Due to the new grants system, this will be in effect from this point forward for any appointments on 142 projects. If you have further question, please contact Jennifer Pang at, (608) 890-2249 or Angela Seitler at, (608) 261-1432.

All gift accounts converted to fund 233

Recently, all gift projects have been converted to fund 233. All 133 awards have been issued a new 233 number, and the 133 Project ID is no longer active. To prevent any charges from being posted to the old 133 Project ID’s, the accounts are now inactive in SFS and set to status “Closed Archived”. If you need to see detailed transactional data prior to 7/1/2008 you must use the *old* 133 Project ID AND change the status on the WISDM search page to include project status of ‘6-Closed – Archived.”

Please use “233” for all future transactions and on cost transfers when a charge is being moved off a 133 gift account.The migration of budget balances has not yet happened, so don’t be alarmed if the award does not appear as it should. Watch the WISDM message page for future conversion information and updates.

With every conversion there are glitches. If you believe you have a 133 project that was mistakenly converted to a 233 or one that wasn’t please email Sandy Fowler at with details.

Updates to WISPER desk references

There have been a number of changes made to the WISPER electronic routing system since the university implemented the system six months ago. Many of these updates were reported on the WISPER Updates page but not included in the reference materials. The updated the Campus WISPER Desk References & Manual located at