Three e-newsletters help you connect with key audiences

CALS Office of Undergraduate Programs and Services has launched an e-newsletter for students. The first edition of CALS Connections arrived in the inboxes of current and incoming students on Tuesday, July 29, and is available online at The student newsletter is starting out as a monthly but is likely to increase to twice a month as students settle into the fall semester. With the advent of CALS Connections, CALS now has three vehicles to deliver messages to some of its most important audiences.

In addition to CALS Connections, eCALS Alumni edition goes to our former students, while eCALS goes to faculty, academic and classified staff, grad students, the Board of Visitors and others outside of the college who have asked to receive it.

If you’re trying to reach any of these audiences, feel free to send your announcement as follows:

  • CALS Connections ( Send announcements for students to Send questions to Becky Duffy at (608) 265-2051.
  • eCALS for Alumni ( Send announcements to Published the second Tuesday of each month. Submit articles by the previous Tuesday. Send questions to Sevie Kenyon at (608) 263-4781.
  • eCALS for faculty, staff, grad students, BOV and others ( Send announcements to Published every other Thursday (there’s a link to the publication schedule is in the eCALs sidebar). Submit articles the Monday of that week. Send questions to Bob Mitchell at (608) 262-3172.