Updates from, NSF, NIH and USDA

Following are some updates from, NSF, NIH and USDA. All About Grants: has announced an additional online resource for the applicant community, the new All About Grants webpage. This section includes information on webinars and upcoming events, additional resources from grantors, related articles and links to related associations and organizations. See their site at:

NSF announcement on implementing Standard Terms/Conditions: For NSF purposes, there are no substantive changes to the requirements currently imposed by the NSF General Grant Conditions (GC-1). For the full NSF notice, see:

NSF’s Regional Grants Conference: NSF announces its first Regional Grants Conference for FY2009, to be held at the University of Nebraska Lincoln October 20-21, 2007. For details:

NIH Implementation of Government-wide Standard Terms and Conditions for Research Grants: NIH notice NOT-OD-08-091 indicates that NIH implementation of the Federal-wide Research Terms has no significant change in the requirements or terms and conditions for NIH awardees. See the NIH notice at:

NIH Notice on Submission of Additional Grant Application Materials: An applicant organization may have the need to submit additional application material to NIH following submission of an original grant application. Notice NOT-OD-08-082 clarifies the existing policy regarding submission of the additional grant application material and offers a set of NIH Best Practice Guidelines for accepting such material as guidance to the research community. See the NIH notice at:

USDA/CSREES implements new terms and conditions list: Beginning in July 2008, CSREES will use a new core set of administrative terms and conditions on research and research-related awards, “Research Terms and Conditions,” and agency-specific terms. These new terms and conditions and all related information, including agency-specific implementation plans and terms and conditions, are be available on the NSF Web site at or the USDA/CSREES Web site at