UW-Madison ag economists compile information about 2008 Farm Bill online

UW-Madison agricultual economists have assembled an online compendium of useful information about the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 (a.k.a. the 2008 Farm Bill) — including their own insights on how various parts of the legislation will affect Wisconsin. URL for the website:

Technically the legislation is only 14/15 complete. The Farm Bill that President Bush vetoed on May 21 was missing Title III (the section dealing with trade) due to a printing error. The President”s veto of the incomplete bill was overridden by the House and the Senate on May 22, before the missing title was noticed. After first debating whether to send the complete bill back to the White House, Congressional leaders apparently declared that the 14 titles that were properly considered in the veto and override were enacted upon the favorable override vote. Indications are that those opposed to the legislation are not likely to contest it because of this technicality.

The following is from House Agriculture Committee Chairman Colin Peterson’s May 22 Press release:

“Following veto override votes of 316-108 in the House and 82-13 in the Senate, the Food, Conservation and Energy Act of 2008 has been enacted into law, with the exception of the bill’s trade title.

“The trade title was included in the conference report passed by Congress but was inadvertently left out of the official copy of the farm bill that the President vetoed. Today, the House also took action to correct the clerical error that resulted in the unintentional omission of the trade title from the enrolled farm bill and ensure that the entire farm bill is enacted into law swiftly. Most of the farm bill is now law and the Administration can begin implementing the new programs and policies immediately.”