PayData – 133 Gift Funds that Become 233

Accounting Services has posted the list of approx. 6,500 projects that are converting from fund 133 to fund 233 at

The identification of these projects was the result of the hard work of the Non-Federal Accounting group at RSP and a working group of representatives from campus including the School of Medicine and Public Health, Education, Graduate School, CALS, and Accounting Services.

These converted project numbers should be used for all fiscal year 9 activities. You should continue to use fund 133 and the project numbers beginning with “133” for FY8 or prior year activities until July 1.

What this means in PayData:

We will automatically convert all applicable 133 funds in Paydata in the following ways:

If the funding begin and end dates are both before 7/1/08 ­ we will do nothing, the funding will continue to use 133.

If the funding begin and end dates are both after 6/30/08 ­ we will simply convert the 133 fund to 233.

If the dates span across the 7/1/08 boundary ­ we will split the funding string into 2 separate records. The first record will begin on its current begin date and have an end date of 6/30/08 and use the 133 fund. The second record will begin on 7/1/08, end on the current end date and use the 233 fund.

If you have printed out FY09 PayData forms that have 133 funding, you will want go into PayData and review them again after May 30. If there is no changes to the 133 account, then nothing needs to be done. If the account changed from 133 to 233, you will need to print a new PayData form that reflects the change, keep a copy for your records and send one on to your divisional payroll office.