Newsletter offers ideas to promote environmentally friendly behaviors

Despite widespread evidence that human behavior can harm the environment, many people continue their daily activities with little regard for ecological consequences, even when they are aware of how they might live more sustainably. A new newsletter, Environmental Communication and Social Marketing, has been launched by CALS faculty to help address this problem.

The newsletter teaches innovative, psychology-based strategies for promoting behaviors that positively impact the environment. The newsletter is co-edited by Rick Chenoweth, emeritus Professor of Urban and Regional Planning and Bret Shaw, Assistant Professor of Life Sciences Communication.

This publication is multidisciplinary, drawing from the social and natural sciences to highlight practical, evidence-based approaches that encourage sustainable behavior. It focuses on a range of issues that are crucial to protecting natural resources in Wisconsin such as adopting storm water management practices, preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species and restoring habitat for wildlife and fish.

“Environmental Communication and Social Marketing” is expected to be published three times per year in both print and Web versions. To subscribe to an e-mail version of this newsletter, send an email to The newsletter is also available online at For more information, contact Bret Shaw, environmental communication specialist for UW Cooperative Extension, at or 608-890-1878.

Bret Shaw
Assistant Professor, Life Sciences Communication