Refund of Receipts/Sales Credits form gets an update

Accounting Services has updated the Refunds of Receipts/Sales Credits form and instructions. The Refund of Receipts/Sales Credit form is used to record refunds of money that was deposited with the University as a receipt or sales credit. If you have bookmarked the instructions and form on the web, please visit the following links and update them.


What has changed with the new form:

  • Refund of Receipts Form must be completed for each refund payment. (will not process payments off of lists)
  • Form has been changed to SFS coding (see instructions for SFS coding)
  • Select the handling code that tells us how you would like the refund payment sent
  • Form requires correct, complete address of payee (this address will be on printed on checks)
  • Form changed from portrait to landscape
  • If sales tax involved, then a County Tax Code must be selected from a drop down menu

Contact Kathy Virnig or Sharon Hughes if you have any questions about the form or instructions.