CALS departments asked to develop plans to conserve energy

In support of the campus We Conserve program, the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences is directing departments to develop and implement a computer power management plan which will contribute to the campus goal of reducing energy consumption by 20 percent before 2010. Power management plans should be shared with Associate Dean Frank Kooistra and implemented as soon as it is approved by your departmental governance process.

Development and implementation of this plan must involve input from departmental IT staff and should not adversely affect any computer management policies current in existence.

This plan should include one or more of the following:

  • Utilize various “power save” features on desktop computers (monitor & hard disk shut-off settings; sleep/hibernate/standby settings (as feasible)) For example, turning off monitors/hard drives after 10-15 minutes or standby/sleep after 30 minutes.
  • Power down computers & peripherals when not in use for extended periods of time
  • Utilize power save settings on printers & other office equipment
  • Don’t power on computers, monitors, printers until actually needed
  • Consider laptops to replace aging desktops since laptops use less power
  • Reuse of computers as much as possible (might it still be an acceptable computer for someone else in your department or elsewhere in the College?)
  • Recycle equipment
  • Purchase Energy Star compliant devices
  • Must not conflict with any automatic computer update/patch procedures already in place within the department

Other useful resources that may be helpful in the development of the CPM plan: