Cooperative Issues Forum on June 17 in Madison

The University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives is presenting the Cooperative Issues Forum on June 17th in Madison. The program will feature experienced board directors and managers from a variety of cooperative business sectors, as well as experts in cooperative accounting, governance, and finance.

A portion of the day-long conference will be turned over to panel presentations and discussions about best practices in governance, including such topics as strategic planning, director recruitment, risk management, and succession planning.

The forum will also feature experts who will discuss pending legal, tax and accounting changes that will affect cooperatives, as well as capitialization and equity management issues.

The Forum will be structured to provide opportunities for questions and discussion, and a chance to network and share ideas with other cooperative directors, CEO’s and managers.

A limited number of scholarships to attend the conference are available.

Further information about the Forum is available on the University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives website at