Thanks to all our PLATO speakers

For the past, ten weeks, the Participatory Learning and Teaching Organization (PLATO) and CALS offered a discussion group focusing on Food, Health, Agriculture and the Environment. The course explored a variety of topics with a knowledgeable and engaging line-up of guest speakers.

Thanks to all of our guest speakers!

  • Andrew Milkowski, Animal Sciences
  • Daniel W. Bromley, Agriculture and Applied Economics
  • David Trott, Animal Science
  • Amy Charkowski, Plant Pathology
  • Carol Hulland, Dairy Science
  • Matthew Digman, Dairy Forage Research Center
  • Katie Kaye, UW Pediatrics
  • Margaret Jean McCfall-Ngai, Microbiology
  • Kate Tillery Danzer and Ashleigh Ross, Water Resource Management
  • Monica Theis, Food Science

PLATO is a self-directed organization of about 700 adults in and around Dane County in collaboration with UW-Madison. The core of PLATO’s programs are new and continuing discussion groups organized and operated by members. Each of the roughly 30 groups meets weekly for 10 weeks in the fall and 10 weeks in the spring. The content and format are eclectic and are a product of the interests and talents of members.

If you are interested in serving as a guest speaker during the fall semester, please contact Annie Wright at or 608-262-5784.