2008 Alumni Profiles available online

The 2008 Alumni Profiles are now available online at Alumni Profiles answer some broad questions about where undergraduate alumni live, if they are employed or enrolled in educational programs, and how much they value their UW-Madison education. Alumni Profiles are available for schools and colleges and for undergraduate majors. Among UW-Madison alumni who graduated within the past 10 years:

  • 92% answer yes or definitely yes that the their UW-Madison education has improved the quality of their life, regardless of any financial benefit
  • 92% are employed and/or enrolled in a degree program
  • 22% are enrolled in on-going education either full-time or part-time; 44% are not enrolled but have plans for further course work
  • 88% are employed full-time (81%) or part-time (7%). Nearly half of alumni have provided detailed employer and job title information
  • 80% of those employed say that the skills they developed at UW-Madison in problem solving, written and verbal communication, and other general skills are related or highly related to their current position
  • 59% of those employed say that their current position is related or highly related to the major of their UW-Madison degree
  • 78% of those employed say that their current position prepared them well or exceptionally well for their current employment
  • 84% of those employed earn $30,000 or more annually;
  • 34% earn $60,000 or more 48% live in Wisconsin