Food, Farming and Community website offers resources on sustainable ag issues

The Kellogg Foundation’s “Food, Farming and Community” website has announced the free resources it has made available for expanding awareness on sustainable agricultural issues, which are intended to build greater understanding about farmers, farming and food.

This project was created as a way to make the voices and experience of farmers engaged in sustainable agriculture come alive and stimulate discussion about the economic and ecological sustainability issues contemporary agriculture faces.

The site and resources are summarized as follows:

  • Readers’ theatre script for creating a shared experience to inspire public exploration of agriculture and local food.
  • Essays on:
    -using civic dialogue as a way to engage community around these issues
    -doing readers’ theatre
    -oral history
  • Field work research reports on developing & testing the script with sustainable and organic audiences.
  • Book Club and Film Festival lists around sustainable agriculture.
  • Promotional materials and images.

In September 2008 curriculum modules will be available that are designed for adults in the general public to learn more about food systems that benefit personal health, the environment and the local economy.

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