Deadline for reporting outside activities is less than a week away

The Provost’s office has sent a “friendly reminder” to that the deadline to complete your online outside activities report (OAR) is April 30 — less than a week away. You must fill out a report even if you have no outside activities, outside income, or outside ownership interests to report. Most faculty and staff fall into this category, and completing the convenient online form will take just a minute.

Please access the Web page for completing the OAR at:

Every year, faculty and staff members are asked to complete an outside activities report, which is required under federal and state regulations and University policy. The report identifies outside activities and financial interests related to an individual’s University work.

Your departmental chair and the appropriate dean or director will review the report. Individual reports remain accessible as open records under the provisions of Wisconsin’s public records law.

If you have any questions about this process, a list of school/college/division contacts is available at: