CALS Communicators learn about branding

On April 15, a group of CALS communicators convened for a panel discussion about institutional branding. Panelists included:

  • Tricia Dickinson (Director of Marketing, UW Communications), who coordinated UW-Madison’s most recent branding initiative, which created the “Forward. Thinking.” tagline.
  • Deborah Mitchell (Associate Dean for Marketing Services, UW School of Business), who led the business school’s recent branding efforts.
  • Lari Fanlund (Director of Communications, UW School of Business), who also participated in the business school branding efforts and helped implement the new brand approach.
  • Ric Grummer (Department Chair, Dairy Science), who spoke about the dairy science department’s branding campaign and it’s role in the department’s highly successful undergrad recruiting efforts.

Here are PowerPoint presentations describing each of the branding campaigns.